Simon Binks
My Website is about words and music.

I want it to be more than that. I want to not just chronicle society, but to initiate change. The link to the Sir Edmund Burke Portal, when I work out how to do this, is just a start.

I'm sure the Romans, Babylonians, Greeks, Macedonians, all thought they had it all worked out.

So do we, but 80% of the world is starving. How will future genrations look back and regard how our top 5% had a pretty good life; as they are the politicians, reporters, business personnel (the successful, as yet not having committed suicide), scholars, film, sport and music 'stars'. The next 10% get by Ok, the next 5% just get by, then 80% of the population can't feed their children.

It amazes me that we think we have a comprehensive working system.

I am just an ideas guy. I need the help of practical people with experience in finance, social studies, economics and more. I'm hoping to make this a meeting place where we can begin to build something none of us is likely to see in our lifetime.

The Web is the most powerful tool we have ever had, nuclear fission not-withstanding. Yet we use it for commerce and trivia.

It can be the most powerful tool ever known to gather the greatest minds in the world to do something really worthwhile.

Think of the lyrics to Lenon's Imagine.

I believe its doable.

But what would I know. I'm just a guitarist.

MY first step is to get some new music up here, but in the interim, I will try to start two forums that will be linked to this page.

The first will invite all who have the ability to do so, to create a better financial system. No Gordon Gekko, greed is not good. That's what caused the current financial crisis.

It had to happen in a society based on greed. Restarting The Crusades with billion dollar 'smart' weapons was the icing on a very soggy cake. Why are Bush and Cheney, both Directors of an arms manufacturing company, not in jail? Don't get me wrong, I love America and lived there for a while. It was the home of Sir Edmund Burke. I would go back.

But what were they thinking?

I propose a society where one gets back in proportion to what one puts in, not what they take from it.

I have an idea, but those with greater minds that mine will undoubtedly shoot it down.

That's OK, as long as someone puts up something better.

The second forum will encourage great minds to work together to come up with a better political system.

We all complain that we can't trust politicians, yet we still elect them.

Again, I have an idea, but I expect that will be shot down by greater minds as well.

Same deal. As long as someone comes up with a better idea, I will be happy.

Because then I can get back to playing guitar and recording new songs.

I've also worked out a solution to the music download crisis. Downloaders will complain, until there is no music to download, as we can't afford to be professional musicians.

The same system can be used to stop DVD copyright violation, so anybody who has some money but wants to make a lot more, email me.

Simon Binks, October, 2009.
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